After Hour

(2017 - on going) Bali is the most famous resort island in Indonesia. However, many foreigners are under the impression that Bali is a country. Bali is one of 34 provinces in Indonesia. Known since the era of Marco Polo to the occupation of Dutch Colonialism in Indonesia, Bali continues to attract visitors worldwide. Bali has been adapted and interacted with many across countries, across generation, until now. Bali’s terrain is spectacular—it is surrounded by beautiful coastlines, world class surf waves, and most importantly, it maintains a strong and unique culture which continues to bring an influx of tourists each year. These factors are important for Bali to building and maintaining a strong tourism industry but as with any sector that oversaturated, there are detriments. Bali has become the center of (over) developed due to tourism, attracting investors worldwide. It has become one of the biggest contributors to Indonesia’s economy—comprising 40% of foreign exchange in the tourism sector. Serving as a model, in 2018, the current administration headed by President Joko Widodo, began focusing on creating more tourist destinations throughout the other regions of the archipelago in order to have the tourism economy surpass the income generated by the Crude Palm Oil industry.

I have been living on the island for the past three years, in that period of time I have witnessed rapid but excessive developments, as I witnessed many development failures. This present work seeks to reflect these issues into the near future. They are reflections about the transition of the post-human problems.