Danar Tri Atmojo is Jakarta-born Indonesian freelance photographer based in Jakarta-Bali, Indonesia, with interest in social, environmental, cultural, and travel issues. He works mostly on assignments, commercial, advertising campaign works, and personal. He is an avid diver & freediver, spend most of the free time underwater. Danar also work on 360° content photo and video. In 2016 Danar certified as Google Street View Trusted Photographer.

Commercial, NGO’s, and Agency Clients:

Kompas | Galeri Indonesia Kaya | WWF Indonesia | GREENPEACE | WRI Indonesia | Madani Berkelanjutan | Citilink | Redcomm Agency | Olrange Agency | Destinasian Indonesia | Roundtable Agency | VICE Indonesia | NBC News | Euronews | Airbnb | Luxury Retreats

Contact Details:

Mobile (ID) : +62 (0) 812 800 19 828
Mail : danar.atmojo@gmail.com

Profile photo credit to Nyimas Laula