Danar Tri Atmojo

Photographer, Indonesia
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Danar Tri Atmojo is Jakarta-born Indonesian freelance photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia, with interest in social, environmental, cultural, and travel issues. He works mostly on assignments, commercial, advertising campaign works, and personal. Danar also work on 360° content photo and video. In 2016 Danar certified as Google Street View Trusted Photographer.

Commercial, NGO’s, and Agency Clients:

Kompas | Galeri Indonesia Kaya | WWF Indonesia | GREENPEACE | WRI Indonesia | Madani Berkelanjutan | Citilink | Redcomm Agency | Olrange Agency | Destinasian Indonesia | Roundtable Agency | VICE Indonesia | NBC News | Euronews | Airbnb | Luxury Retreats

Contact Details:

Mobile (ID) : +62 (0) 812 800 19 828
Mail : danar.atmojo@gmail.com

Profile photo credit to Nyimas Laula